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  • Covid-19 Update from Eden Agency

Covid-19 Update from Eden Agency

The safety of our team and our commitment to our clients is our top priority which is why we're all working from home.

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  • 17 Mar 2020
  • Craig Gilchrist
Two individuals elbow bumping, which is the new way of shaking hands during the Covid-19 pandemic

As we all face a period of uncertainty because of COVID-19, we wanted to update you on what we're doing as a company and for our clients.

As of 17/03/2020 our office will be closed and all members of the team working remotely inline with UK Government advice.

All of our projects will remain unaffected as our team are all equipped with secure VPN connectivity, and access to all of the resources they need and we're well prepared with all of the software we need to support our roles on each of our laptops.

The people currently allocated to your projects will remain allocated, the only thing we ask is that while we do everything we can to protect our staff and their loved ones that you also do the same. If our team regularly work from your offices, we ask that you postpone this practice until UK government advice directs otherwise.

If you have design sprints or workshops coming up in the next few weeks then we'll be looking at ways of supporting them remotely and we'll be in touch with you individually.

Finally, our office phones will be redirected to our mobiles but if you have any problems connecting to the people you need from our team, then please send them an e-mail directly.

Should you require any assistance or more information, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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