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  • UX Design Sprints talk at Leeds & Harrogate Digital Festival

UX Design Sprints talk at Leeds & Harrogate Digital Festival

Join us at the Leeds and Harrogate Digital Festival on the 30th September at 10am, to learn about User Experience (UX), design sprints and how to uncover the truth about your website’s or app’s users.

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  • 22 Sep 2020
  • Craig Gilchrist
Eden Agency director Craig Gilchrist doing a TED talk on the Internet of Things at TEDx Pocklington

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About our talk

We all think we know the important stuff about our customers, clients or digital product users. However, a lot of the time the things we think we know are just assumptions or best guesses. To fully understand our users, what they want and ultimately understand what a great UX design means for them, we have to spend months conducting a mountain of research… Right?

Not necessarily… Don’t get us wrong; still do your research… But there is a quicker way to nail the UX design. Introducing the Sprint Week; a design sprint that aims to tackle challenges head on, achieve goals and construct the perfect user experience all within a week.

About the event

Leeds Digital Festival is the UK’s largest tech event. In 2020 it was decided to extend the reach of the festival into the wider Leeds City Region. Harrogate Digital has worked with local tech firms and the Leeds Digital Festival to bring you the best of talks and presentations from our local tech talent.

Harrogate Digital is a growing community of digital and tech innovators. The group is supported by Berwins Digital, Harrogate Borough Council and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership and seeks to bring together businesses and individuals involved in digital and tech within the Harrogate district to offer support and promote mutual growth.

Find out more about the Harrogate Digital Festival

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