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  • We’re a top UK digital agency - wahoo!

We’re a top UK digital agency - wahoo!

We're Eden Agency - one of the UK's top digital agencies.

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  • 09 Sep 2016
  • Sophie Hardbattle
People working at their desks in the Eden Agency office

Our lovely clients provided references to Clutch and we have been chosen as one of the top ten digital marketing agencies, and also one of the top ten app developers, in the UK. Clutch is an online directory that works to identify leading software and professional services firms that deliver for their clients.

They determine these leaders using their ‘Clutch mythology’ and evaluating the companies on multiple criteria including portfolio of work, market presence and client reviews. They then publish their results in a press release, which you can find here.

So what exactly did our clients say to get us in Clutch’s good books? Take a look:

"We're more than happy with the work Eden Agency has done for us. We're in the stages of figuring out how we want to expand our relationship.” - Jet2 Holidays

"They're certainly very capable in creating client confidence. Overall, the Eden Agency is just a good company to work with.” - The Events House

“"[W]e're confident that whatever we ask them [Eden Agency] to do will result in very high quality results.” - VEO

Find the rest of our client reviews on our Clutch profile.

Eden Agency are a top UK digital agency Eden Agency are UKs top app developers

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