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  • Developing Software with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Developing Software with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We've been working with AI even before it was cool, so we understand how the technology works. We can utilise powerful capability as a service from Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS & IBM to make great products that automate processes and improve experiences.

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About AI software development

AI is all around us and is empowering our lives in ways we never thought previously possible. With AI we can turn the wildest ideas into reality, and with our Design Sprint process, we can test concepts quickly and scale-up in our preferred AI platform, Azure.

Many people struggle to understand the capability of AI to provide tangible benefits to their business and customers. The more adventurous of us have ideas that they think “might” be possible with AI. No matter which category you fall into, Eden can help. Typically, we consult for clients on AI who are looking for ways to:

  • automate parts of their business such as paper document management, HR or internal communications.
  • expand the capacity and capability of automated call centre or chat functions.
  • build new products with computer vision such as; retailers monitoring stock levels with cameras, brand recognition and shelf space analysis on mobile or logo screen-time in live sports events.
  • provide insights into images or video such as; more accurate product descriptions in product management information systems, facial analysis or the sentiment of people in videos.
  • provide machine learning and insight pipelines to big data.

There are millions of ways that AI can improve your business and its offering - we’ve used it in many real-world deployments, we can help.

Image recognition & computer vision

Extract rich information from images by embedding vision capabilities into your apps. We’ve built products that utilise AI to extract handwritten text, recognise products and determine stock levels and even place virtual dressings on windows.

Image recognition in AI can rapidly scale up your workflows and with our expertise in building mobile apps and enterprise web applications, we can help build your solutions.

Take for example the facilities management app we built using AI for Fortem. The mobile app itself allowed repair and maintenance engineers to take pictures in the homes of residents. This app is obviously filled with lots of opportunities to capture private information. We utilised AI to recognise and remove information from the image such as letters and documents which were lying around in pictures or faces from family photos in the customers home.

As well as common objects we can train vision AI to recognise and categorise specific objects in your own context. For Meiyume, we trained custom vision AI to uniquely recognise makeup products inside a smart-shelf across the stores of Tesco & Asda to help monitor stock levels and the quality of the display.

Conversation automation - chatbots, virtual assistants & natural language understanding

Chatbots have incredible scalability. They speak, listen, understand and learn from your users on channels they’re already in. Whether you’re looking to increase customer care on your website or Facebook Messenger, or provide virtual assistants to help your staff in Microsoft Teams or Slack, chatbots are a great option.

We’ve built, applied and understood all of the complexities of deploying AI-powered virtual assistants into businesses. As well as being able to build and deploy chatbots which integrate with your existing infrastructure, we also know the best ways of improving the customer experience when speaking to AI assistants, such as of the ways to structure conversation and dialogue, and the nuances of language when dealing with customer requests.

MIA, for example, is an AI assistant which we built and trained for Minster Law. The chatbot guides customers through the complex journey of a small injury claim resulting from a motor accident. It works on mobile, Facebook Messenger and on the desktop portal built by the Eden team. Customers can book medical appointments, send receipts and record losses. The portal and chatbot resulted in the average call-centre contact to drop from 9 calls per case to 1.7 calls per case.

Machine learning & analysis

We can help uncover latent insights from all of your content. We quickly test pipelines of your existing data with models for classification, regression or forecasting and test them against your known outcomes to then deploy the models at scale to give real-time knowledge to your data.

We can quickly and easily train models which learn based on reward and can run in the cloud on powerful scalable computing power, or as deployed TensorFlow models in edge scenarios such as on the factory or shop floor.

We can also help build rich, tailored experiences that improve over time based on their behaviour by integrating products such as Microsoft Personalizer to decide and deliver articles or products that we know the customer might like.

Sentiment analysis

Let us help you understand your interactions with customers. Using AI to extract conversations from calls or written correspondence is easy and now with sentiment analysis, we can give insights into your communications.

Using AI we can take all of your social media conversations, support emails and calls and give you a sentiment score determining whether the customer experience was positive, neutral or negative and extract the key phrases in each dialogue.

Voice augmentation

One of the additions to our AI capabilities is voice augmentation. Using samples of a voice we can extract and provide an AI-powered automated version to say virtually anything, even if the words or phrases weren’t in the original recordings.

This is an incredible way of providing highly personalised, branded content for all of your marketing and communication needs.

Vincent Reboul is managing director at Hitachi Capital UK. We invited him over to our recording studio in Knaresborough and spent the day recording phrases from old books and produced an AI model of his voice. We then 3D modelled an avatar of him and set him to work in various experiences for the companies annual conference.

More about our AI work with Hitachi.

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