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Integrated Digital Solutions, System Architecture & DevOps

We understand that many companies want to do amazing things in digital but are struggling with legacy platforms and technical debt. If you’ve got an archaic and convoluted system loaded with vital information, we’re your guys.

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How we build digital solutions

We’ve been working with Microsoft Azure since its launch and through years of experience, we’ve honed our craft and become experts in delivering massively scalable, secure and cost-effective solutions.

We’ve got hundreds of projects live in the cloud and they all run seamlessly, they grow with demand, shrink to reduce cost and have non of the headaches of provisioning, managing and maintaining hardware. We leverage Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions as much as possible when designing your solutions so that your products maintain longevity well beyond their development and release schedules.

As operators of ISO27001 standards, we ensure our systems and processes always make sure your products and solutions are secure.

Digital consultancy

Every new digital product from mobile apps to web portals that we design and build considers the security, scalability and monitoring of your solution. Often, however, we work with existing teams and infrastructure, legacy systems and deep, complex solutions.

As well as building new products we help companies migrate some of their architecture or business functions over to the cloud. We can work with you on the best ways to migrate, scale-up and offer your business functions as consumable services to other systems and customers.

If you’re struggling to see how your operations can grow or adapt to your needs, or you just want to get rid of the on-premises servers and move to the cloud, give us a shout, we’re confident we can help.

Serverless architecture

We can accelerate and simplify application development with serverless compute power. We always look to create your products with event-driven solutions where we decouple your integrations and focus on triggers.

If you need to perform new actions when your order system receives an order, you shouldn’t necessarily have to change the order system. This is where serverless architecture can help. We work with you to simplify complex orchestration challenges and move your solution workflow to events and triggers and allow you to expand your capability in smaller incremental steps rather than long waterfall projects.

We deploy these new capabilities wherever you want, to App services, Azure functions, Kubernetes clusters or IoT devices for edge computing. We help you understand what all of this means and create the communications channels to help your business grow.

Microservices as standard

Microservices are a software architecture style in which applications are composed of small, independent modules that communicate with each other using well-defined API contracts and via messaging. These service modules are highly decoupled and are small enough to implement a single function or process.

The purpose of microservices architecture is to make it easier to develop and scale applications and allow the decoupling of teams. Microservice architectures foster collaboration between autonomous teams and enable them to bring new functions and features to market faster.

All of our products are developed using microservices, it allows our team to build services independently and helps us work collaboratively with development teams inside your own organisation. Teams can independently build, verify, deploy and monitor each service, whether that be our team or yours.

As well as all of the incredible scalability and deployment benefits of microservices, we also have security benefits too. By isolating potential problem areas to individual services, microservices architectures improve security and reliability. Services can be replaced or retired without affecting the overall structure of the whole system.

We build microservice architectures that work on Azure Service Bus and Service Fabric or Azure Kubernetes Services.

Continuous integration & continuous delivery

Part of our DevOps and security strategy is that we always implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) in the digital products we build.

During development, we have tight controls around peer reviews and testing processes inline with our ISO27001 strategy, which means that only key people have the ability to merge changes into deployment branches. This means that all developer changes are checked and validated by a senior peer before being merged into the build which is then automatically deployed to a “developer in test” instance of your system.

Tests are automated in this platform and then manual functional tests are performed by one of our team before being promoted to another platform automatically at the click of a button. This is called Continuous Delivery. It means we don’t need to plan complex deployments into different environments.

Once code is ready to go live and has been acceptance tested and penetration tested where applicable, we can release stable code builds on any schedule to suit your business and this is all automated. Because of the scalable, microservices way in which we build products, every function is released in small batches that are easy to troubleshoot in case of a problem and our environment strategy reduces live problems to a minimum.

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