EDXF - Eden Digital Transformation Framework

Build better products, faster.

What is EDXF?

The Eden Digital Transformation Framework (EDXF) is a ready-made suite of microservices that form a stable foundation for every project with Eden Agency.

Utilising this helps our clients get to market quickly, stay ahead of their competitors and gives them a clear roadmap for more robust and future-proof products.

We know change can be scary. However, we combine our technical knowledge, security credentials and the use of EDXF to communicate with archaic legacy systems and meet the increasing demand of client’s customers, all with minimal risk.

EDXF can be customised to you and your needs and can bend to meet changing requirements, so you are ready to face new challenges head-on.

Microservices ready to go

We’ve been building digital products and services since 2007 and we’ve really looked at the issues facing our clients and some of the early hurdles they need to jump through to get customer experience focused applications released.

So, as well as digitalising, growing and automating your business processes, we can easily plug in some of our ready-made EDXF microservices to get your digital transformation journey started with a bang, including:

  • Identity-as-a-Service – Application security and identity microservices allow easy integration with your existing security or as a complete standalone solution.
  • Communications – Add SMS, email and push notifications to your applications and processes
  • Headless CMS – Introducing ‘Matter, our content management web portal to structure and manage content and assets for various products.
  • Localisation & Translation – provide content in multiple languages and locations.
  • Video Transcoding – Upload videos in a single format will create optimised versions of your video for use on all devices and use-cases.
  • Addressing – add postal address finding and reverse geolocation lookup to your applications and products.
  • Automation – automate the creation of articles or trigger functionality in any way you require.

How it can help

Whether your organisation is big or small, EDXF can assist you in a number of ways.

  • 1 Empower Legacy Systems

    Problems and concerns around legacy systems are on the rise and can be costly in terms of budget, resource and time. The microservices of EDXF can streamline this process and will communicate clearly with your legacy system, empowering it.

  • 2 Improve Customer Experience

    Customers are growing in power and always expecting more from the products they use. EDXF allow you to regularly deploy new features. So, you can respond to customers demands quickly and effectively, gaining an edge over your competitors.

  • 3 Implement New Technologies

    New technology is always on the horizon and EDXF is always growing to include this technology in its offering. So, you can rest assured that should this new tech become a necessity for your products, our microservices will be prepped and ready to go for you to integrate this seamlessly.

  • 4 Optimise Business Processes

    Streamlining and optimising business processes can be a great win for organisations, as it frees staff and resource to tackle more critical operations. Our microservices can do just that, utilising the latest cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost your business capabilities.

An infographic showing the reasons why businesses should use Eden's Digital Transformation Framework of microservices

Our EDXF powered clients

Some of our clients are already taking advantage of EDXF to boost their processes and re-shape their organisation. Take a look.

Road map

Filter year

2021 feature overview

  • Q1: Current

    • Content microservice
    • Address microservice - Reverse geocoding
    • Address microservice - Address lookup
    • Address microservice - Lat - Long to What3Words
  • Q2

    • Push notifications microservice
    • Billing microservice
    • Document store microservice
  • Q3

    • Computer vision microservice - Rich information extraction
    • Computer vision microservice - Face & emotion detection and privacy filters
    • Computer vision microservice - Handwriting
    • Content microservice improvements
  • Q4

    • Preferences store microservice
    • Report generation microservice

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