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iOS & Android Mobile App Development

We’ve been building mobile apps for iOS and Android since 2007 - long before any of our competitors and since the release of iOS 3.1. We’ve even written and published books on mobile app development.

Some of the mobile apps that Eden Agency designed and developed shown on iPhones, with the UK App Awards 2020 Finalist badge in the top corner.

Our first app was a cupcake recipe app, it wasn’t complex but it stayed in the top 25 lifestyle apps for nearly two years. It spring-boarded the growth of our team and we started to build more and more mobile apps for clients. We’ve seen every trend in mobile and have millions of downloads. We’ve built a line of business apps, revenue-generating apps, games and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a truly capable team who can build exceptional mobile apps, we have some of the best development and design talent in the industry.

Consultancy & discovery

These days we tend to see apps as part of a larger omni-channel strategy, it’s rare that we build apps in isolation from a larger solution, which doesn’t incorporate portals, APIs, voice assistants like Alexa or some sort of hardware product.

Our workshops and scoping processes help us understand your ideas, goals and the reasons for them. We pull together all of your ideas along with our own creative capability and years of experience to create the best viable solutions.

Our process is always agile and aims to develop products by continuously testing and reviewing feedback with a view of delivering new features regularly, launching with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to reduce costs and then driving the rest of the functionality based on user demand.

App design & UX

We’ve been doing Design Sprints for apps for many years now for clients such as Jet2, Asda, Link Asset Services and Yorkshire Building Society. We like to run sprints to encourage innovation, test ideas quickly and reduce spend by conducting video interviews with prototypes to check we’re on the right path.


All of the apps we build follow the best Human-Computer-Interface (HCI) and accessibility guidelines and ensure that your users fulfil their needs. We make sure the apps we build are the perfect blend of visual design, information delivery and delightful experience.

What makes us different from most mobile developers is our incredible capabilities in AI, for example, building mobile apps that include virtual assistants, understand natural language or change their UI to give personalised, relevant experiences with reinforcement learning-based capabilities.

App development & technology

We build apps natively with Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android and we also build cross-platform apps with Xamarin or React Native. The technology we choose is always the perfect fit for your requirements.

We power mobile apps and data with secure API powered data and industry-leading identity solutions.

We also build mobile apps which integrate with your existing infrastructure and we engage with your in-house teams to build apps that work perfectly with your business and operations. It’s a perfect blend of outsourcing, consultancy and training to give you and your team the skills and products to grow.

We always work in an agile way, we work in fortnightly sprints and check in with you weekly for show & tells. Our processes allow for priorities to change over the course of the development cycle based on user feedback, without sending the budget off the rails.

Testing & security

We operate a continuous integration strategy with all of our products. That means every feature created by one of our developers is quality checked by one of their peers before being automatically deployed and unit tested.

Our workflow operates across various testing environments so that we’re testing from local, to QA, to systems integration and to load testing in pre-production environments.

As a certified ISO 27001 company, you can be sure that your mobile app and supporting services have the highest levels of security implemented. Security audits are part of our signoff process and our entire stack is tested thoroughly throughout the development process.

Launch & analytics

We support you through the launch strategy for any mobile app, whether it be an internal mobile app delivered through Mobile Device Management (MDM) or being released to the app stores.

We make sure your marketing strategy, launch, user onboarding and review collection processes are all aligned and that we’re hitting the goals you’ve set out for your mobile app.

Once your app is launched we closely monitor your analytics and logging to make sure the app is performing as expected out in the wild.

Apps + hardware

We’ve got a wealth of experience building apps that integrate with hardware and accompany product releases such as Neue Schule’s Avansce product, which helps users track the performance and technique of their horseriding training with rein sensors and our app.

We also developed the experience app for the Skipper Unibank™ power bank, which controls all of the product accessories.

Mobile games

As well as mobile apps, we’ve got great experience building mobile games and interactive experiences.

We build mobile games using Unity and create all of the 3D assets in-house with our own creative team.

We’ve even written and published books on mobile app development.

Case Studies

Take a look at our successful mobile app design and development projects

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