Agile Project Management with Eden Agency

We take your projects seriously. That is why Eden Agency uses the Agile project management methodology, more specifically Scrum, to run every project.

People working at their desks in the Eden Agency office

About agile scrum project management

We’re a digital agency that designs and builds many different types of products from mobile apps to websites and beyond. Over the many years that we have been running projects (Eden was established in 2007), we have tried many different PM styles but have landed on Scrum as the one that works best for us and our clients.

Agile Scrum methodology means working in an incremental way. We do this by splitting a project up into many sprints and working towards a shared target for each sprint. The main benefits of working in this way are:

  • The ability to be flexible with changes to the requirements over time.
  • Lower costs as the work is delivered in smaller chunks in priority order (rather than everything in one go).
  • Higher quality product, as the incremental approach allows for learning from real-life customer usage.
  • Improved productivity due to more manageable targets.

What to expect

When you start a new project with Eden, it won’t be too long before you are introduced to your dedicated Project Manager (PM). The PM will hold your hand throughout the project, keeping you up to date on progress and spend.

We track our project progress in Jira and Confluence, which you will have access to. In there, you can see current sprint progress, work to do and any project documentation (such as the project plan, burndown log or decision log).

A weekly recurring catch-up meeting will be booked in from the start but you will also have direct access to the PM and project team via an exclusive Slack channel. As well as catching you up on the previous week, we will use the catch-up meeting for regular show and tell sessions, so you can see the progress that has been made before your very eyes.

“Great communication and processes. The PM has been amazing at creating effective processes and workflows - we always know where the project is, key milestones and deadlines etc.” - Digital Manager, Window Furnishing Retailer

Information security in project management

We are an ISO 27001 certified digital agency. This means we have the official stamp of approval to show that we conform to the international standard for managing information security.


No matter how big or how small the project, we always consider information security from the offset. Once we understand the technical solutions and dependencies for the project, our information security team writes up a risk assessment. This document shows you that any and all risks around data have been considered, with mitigations to reduce and sometimes eliminate the risks entirely.

It doesn’t just end there, throughout the lifecycle of the project, our project team will get together to ensure that any security risks and controls are still relevant and being treated effectively.

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