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  • Endlessly scalable RFID solutions for Catalyst

Endlessly scalable RFID solutions for Catalyst

We built an RFID platform that works for loss prevention, inventory insights and customer experience, and anything else you can think of.

Someone scanning a barcode on the label of some brown boots with a barcode scanner

Catalyst is a world-known supplier of EAS and RFID security systems. EAS tags are those security pins in clothes that need removing at the point of sale, they’re pretty straightforward and we built a system for distributing them but that’s not what we’re here to talk about…

Catalyst is part of the Li & Fung Group and they provide security systems for retailers, including installation and supply of tags. As part of the wider Li & Fung network, they also tag garments in the factories all around the world.

RFID tags have lots of uses, they’re more discrete than the EAS tags and often just look like a metallic sticker, but the technology allows us to do so much because every sticker has a unique identifier. But how do we build a system that works for a Savile Row tailor selling a £3,000 suit as well as a supermarket who’s selling socks for £0.99p?

The brief: Build a platform for our customers that lets us build any combination of solutions with our RFID installations, including inventory tracking, security and customer experience.

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