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  • Collaborative video learning via mobile and web for VEO

Collaborative video learning via mobile and web for VEO

Create videos, tag key moments, get actionable feedback from your network and put it into practice with the incredible VEO platform

A class of students sat at their tables with a teacher at the front teaching

Video Enhanced Observation (VEO) is a platform as a service which allows you to live record or upload video, share with people in your own organisational structures and collect with live video tagging.

In 2013, Paul Miller and Jon Haines, both lecturers from Newcastle uni had an idea about a video tool and methodology to aid, support and enable continued professional development and process audits within both education and commercial/industrial sectors. They asked Eden Agency to help create that idea.

The brief: Help us build our vision of apps and portals that help people learn and grow with video collaboration.

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