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  • Mortgage advice with an AI Chatbot for Yorkshire Building Society

Mortgage advice with an AI Chatbot for Yorkshire Building Society

YBS wanted an intuitive way of giving out more mortgage agreements to first time buyers and converting more agreements to actual mortgages.

A screengrab of the Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) Mortgage chatbot next to the YBS logo

Like all mortgage lenders, many customers apply for an agreement in principle in order to test the water or to put an offer in on their first home.

More often than not, this doesn't tend to lead to the potential customer converting to a true mortgage customer. This is because the lender doesn't have an active conversation with the customer whilst they are house-hunting.

Yorkshire Building Society sought an agency to come up with an intuitive way to get more customer conversations started and convert more engaged customers.

The brief: Help us build an innovative way to keep customers engaged and take them from an agreement in principle to a full mortgage.

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