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  • The Eden Digital Transformation Workshop

The Eden Digital Transformation Workshop

Establish a clear digital transformation strategy that will ensure your business is ready for whatever the future may bring.

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Our Digital Transformation (DX) Workshop will help you identify any points of concern within your business and will result in the creation of an action plan of initiatives, alongside a roadmap. Together, these will clearly identify both short-term and long-term goals for you to start implementing within your business, thereby unleashing your digital potential.

Benefits of the DX workshop

Our DX workshop can provide a host of benefits and insights to you and your business, including;

  • Provide clarity on where your greatest challenges and risks of disruption may lie
  • A pathway on how to harness and implement the latest tech with minimal disruption
  • Guidance on where improvement can be made within product development and release cycles
  • Identify potentially missed opportunities and harness them to your advantage
  • Understand how to monitor trends and get ahead of your competitors
  • Analyse and remedy gaps in your internal structures and processes.

The workshop structure

Taking place over two days, we’ll take you through a series of exercises that analyse many key aspects of your business. We’ll go from your organisational structure all the way to your hiring process. We’ll pinpoint key areas for improvement and create a bespoke list of actions, tailored to your specific business needs.

The stages of our workshop can be broken down into the following key sections; Value, Risk, Talent, Culture and Organisation.


Value can be found in the most unlikely places. We look both within and outside your business for areas where this value can be harvested to your benefit. Value can be found by streamlining internal processes in your company, taking a step beyond your standard business practice and take ownership of an external phase of your customer journey thereby improving the Customer Experience (CX) of your product and/or service.


With potential value identified, we now look to places where your business may in fact be at risk of disruption. Here, we’ll look to strengthen your resolve against disruption by making it clear where these may manifest themselves and how as a business, you can work to minimise their impact.


Having the right people in place is key to the successful implementation of a digital transformation strategy. We’ll look to see if your business has the individuals capable of rolling out your strategy and if not, look to see if you are capable of attracting the people who can bolster your digital skillset. Is your value proposition appealing to the digitally savvy that you’re looking to hire and retain? We’ll help you figure this out.


Closely aligned with talent, Culture is key to the successful implementation of DX. Your business’ ability to facilitate innovation and the acceptance of failure, whilst also maintaining high standards of continual learning and development will be the primary factor in establishing a digitally literate and capable business. Here, we’ll identify the areas and ways in which your business can achieve this.


Finally, an organisation may need to undergo some key and potentially drastic changes to carry forward a DX strategy. Whether that’s the creation of new roles or a whole new team, we’ll capture it here and break it down into key actions for you to take on your digital journey.

Digital transformation workshop outcomes

At the end of what will be a frantic but rewarding couple of days, we’ll have probed your business for weaknesses and value and extrapolated key business initiatives before setting out a two-year plan to enact them. Armed with fresh insights, an action plan and a roadmap, you will now possess a clear path to commence with digital transformation, which will truly empower your business.

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